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NYC born and raised storyteller with a deep passion for pop-culture. 

David is a director and creative working with industry disruptors to create cultural moments. He approaches his work with the belief that stories hold limitless potential to empower; they are our greatest tool to meaningfully engage audiences and develop emotional connections, making the universal personal.

His feature documentary, Copyright Infringement, premiered at Brooklyn Film Festival 2023 where it received the Audience Award - Best Feature Documentary. The film was also awarded Best Documentary Feature at NY Independent Film Festival 2023 and Portland Festival of Cinema 2023, and Audience Award - Best Feature Documentary, Art & Design at Newport Beach Film Festival 2023. 

David has worked on campaigns for leading brands with the mission to connect them with culture in an impactful way, always emphasizing diversity, inclusion, and equity. He has worked with notable talent including: Madonna, Zendaya, LeBron James, and Jennifer Hudson.

In addition to his brand work, David collaborated with Jennifer Lopez to create behind-the-scenes documentary content for her 2019 international tour (featured in the Netflix documentary, Halftime), the Hustlers movie, and other tentpole events.

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